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About Us

Saint Paul of the Cross Men’s Emmaus

Mission Statement


We… the men of St. Paul of the Cross Pittsburgh Men’s Emmaus, are an organization of Catholic and Christian men who believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.


Our primary mission is to: Go out and spread the good news… Jesus Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed! We then, are Fishers of Men… who conduct two-day retreats and weekly Men’s Groups for the purpose of helping other men in building their understanding of, on-going belief in, and passionate life-long relationship with God… through our lay testimonies, community of brothers, teachings of Jesus Christ, and the grace, work, and direction of The Holy Spirit.


Our outreach is to men from all walks of life, interests, socioeconomic levels, races, nationalities,

sexual orientations, ages 18 plus… be they Catholic, Christian, of other faiths and of those who possess no faith at all. All men are welcome.


The ministry has proven to be dramatically beneficial for men in 3 general places in life:


The Initiated – Men who are active in their faith, place of worship and enjoy being with

other like-minded men of faith with whom they can Retreat, Rethink and Reboot their faith journeys.


Those Reaching for Answers – Men who may be Sunday Christians, lukewarm in their faith, or have fallen away completely. They also come from other faiths, have no faith, or may have no belief in God at all.  They, however, have a common interested in learning more about God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Reaching for Answers to their questions to determine for themselves if God has an ongoing or newfound place in their lives.


The Overwhelmed - Men who are is search of information, direction and solutions to overwhelming problems, to relieve burdens and to make profound life changes. Some may even be experiencing significant long-term and or traumatic short-term crisis in their lives.


During our retreats, regular men, imperfect themselves, testify to what God has done in their lives, but they do not preach. All in attendance are asked to just listen respectfully to the speaker’s life-stories and to ultimately make decisions for themselves… Does God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit have a place in my life. If following a retreat, a man wants to learn more about Jesus Christ or to begin, or continue, their formation in Christianity through membership in a Parish, or Church, of their choosing and or through building on their initial relationship within our community of like-minded men, we offer assistance in their efforts.


...Jesus Christ is risen; he is risen indeed.”

Luke 24:6

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